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The Ethereum Project has had the incredible privilege to launch its PoC testnet and engage the crypto-currency community over the past two months. During our experiences, we’ve encountered a lot of passionate support and wonderful questions that have helped us refine our thoughts and goals including the process we will eventually use to sell ether. This said, we have not finalized the structure and format for the ether presale and thus we do not recommend, encourage, or endorse any attempt to sell, trade, or acquire ether.

We have recently become aware of announcing a fundraising structure based in some way upon ether- they are in no way associated with the Ethereum project, do not speak for it, and are, in our opinion, doing a disservice to the Ethereum community by possibly leading their own clients into a situation that they don’t understand. Offering to sell ether that doesn’t yet exist to mislead purchasers can only be considered irresponsible at this point. Buyer beware.

We request that cease to offer ether forwards, until there is more information released on the Ethereum project, the potential value of the ether cryptofuel, and until lawyers in various countries clarify what the securities and regulatory issues might be in selling ether to the public in various countries.

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