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Since the time casino gaming has gone mainstream, casino houses have been using shuffling techniques in their card games. They do it to randomise the deck order so players can’t guess what cards have been distributed and which ones remain in the deck.

For casino games like Online Roulette and slots, a shuffle cards trick isn’t required as these games don’t make use of cards. But for other titles like Blackjack and Poker, shuffling the deck is crucial, even if it comes at the expense of slow-paced gameplay.

Here we go through a couple of popular cards shuffling techniques that are simple and effective at the same time. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons, so you can try them all to see which one is the best for you.

The Overhand Card Shuffle

The Overhand Shuffle is the go-to choice for many card players, as it is probably the first shuffle they learned from their parents or best friend during childhood.

To use this technique, you first take the deck of cards and hold it horizontally in one hand (usually the dominant one). Then you use the thumb and the index finger of your other hand to take out a small chunk of cards. After this, you move the small packets of cards on top of the remaining deck. Finally, you repeat the process until you’ve covered the entire deck in that way.

While being one of the simplest card techniques, the overhand card shuffle comes with its own set of disadvantages. One of the reasons why this technique is not the most effective is because some of the cards from the previous hand can stick together even after shuffling the deck for a reasonable amount of time.

The Riffle Shuffle

Also referred to as “Dovetail Shuffle”, this shuffling technique can usually be found in serious casino card games like online Blackjack. When performed correctly, the Riffle Shuffle doesn’t let the cards get exposed and it also overcomes the cons of the Overhand Shuffle.

To use this card shuffling technique, you first split the deck of cards into two equal parts, and place them one in each hand. Then you bring the two chunks of cards together and use your thumbs to slowly riffle up the edge of each chunk simultaneously.

Riffle Shuffle aims to effectively lay down two cards, one from each half, all in a go. With enough practice, this technique looks very clean and you can use it to show off at the table.

The Hindu Shuffle

The Hindu Shuffle may not be that common in the western world, but it is widely used in several mobile casino games in Asian casinos. This shuffling technique is quite similar to that of Strip shuffle, with the only major exception being that you do it without placing the card deck on the table.

The Hindu Shuffle starts with you holding the deck with your thumb and middle finger. Then, you place that deck on the palm of your opposite hand. After this, you gently grab a small packet of cards from the top of the deck with your empty hand and move it away from the remaining deck. Finally, you repeat the process till you get all the cards in the palm of your other hand.

According to some experts, the Hindu Shuffle is even easier to master than its Overhand counterpart. And again, this professional-looking technique can be used to impress people when shuffling cards.

The Faro Shuffle

This is arguably one of the most precise shuffle card tricks out there. While it takes time to learn this shuffling technique, it looks great when you master it.

When using the Faro Shuffle, you start by dividing the deck into two equal parts. Then you place the two halves in both hands and bring them close together. Now, you put some pressure on one of the corners so that the cards in the deck weave together perfectly. You continue doing this until you’ve shuffled the whole deck.

Card Shuffling tricks summary

Whether you enjoy playing casino card games for entertainment or are looking towards a career at a live casino online, learning card shuffling is something that will also be helpful. In this article, we covered some popular card shuffling techniques, but it is by no means the complete list. You can always explore other shuffling techniques out there. The final point is to select a method that is simple, effective and will work the best for you.

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