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In almost every aspect of life, myths and fallacies surround us. And casino gambling is no exception to that. In the casino gambling world, one can find several players believing notions and concepts that simply aren’t true.

We look at some common casino myths that beginners and even more experienced players believe. Read on!

Casino games can’t be won

Since casino gambling became mainstream, this casino misconception has been around. People tend to believe this notion because they don’t know how casinos work or have incorrect information about them.

To ensure that their costs are covered and profits are generated, casinos need to make money. For each of their casino offerings, casinos have a house edge. The house edge is the long-term mathematical advantage that a gambling venue has over its players.

In other words, the casino edge is a way for gambling operators to generate guaranteed returns from Roulette games and all other casino games they offer. However, the thing is that the casino advantage only applies in the long run. In the short term, you can beat the casino odds if you use the right strategy and have lady luck by your side.

Casinos provide oxygen to their gaming atmosphere to keep players energized

This is another common misconception in the land-based casino gambling world. The theory behind this fallacy is that pumping extra oxygen into the air makes people feel more energized. That way, there are higher chances that they will continue playing for longer durations.

But this idea isn’t quite true for a number of reasons. First, medical-grade oxygen can be expensive, and using it for extended periods will result in increased expenses for the gambling venue. Also, there is no scientific evidence that validates the notion that adding extra oxygen can alter playing habits.

Finally, the leading gaming commissions have special executives who keep a check on the air quality at gambling venues. Casino operators wouldn’t want to do anything that might result in their licenses being revoked.

The game will stop working if you win consistently

Although quite rare, casino software or hardware malfunctions can happen. And sometimes, this may cause the game to stop working. If a player is on a consecutive winning streak here, he may think that the machine has stopped

working due to him winning significant amounts. But again, this is just a casino myth.

As mentioned earlier, the house edge is based on the wager amount and works in the long run. That being said, the casino would only lose its profits if it stopped players from playing the game. If your game freezes when playing online, it’s more likely that you may be experiencing connectivity issues or having an incompatible device. Nevertheless, on the best mobile casino platforms, the chances of your gameplay stopping are almost close to zero.

I can be affected by the decisions of other players

In the casino gambling world, some players believe that the decisions made by others at the table can affect their outcomes as well. However, let us tell you that this is simply not the case. As long as you play at a legitimate casino, you can rest assured that the results are completely random and aren’t based on each other.

In addition, the outcome of every casino gameplay round is completely random, regardless of how other players play. If you’re still worried about this casino misconception, you should start with online gambling. As online Blackjack and other online casino games are played directly with the casino, you don’t have to worry about what other players are doing.

A casino’s loosest slot machines are located at the end of the casino

It is believed that in the early days of casino gaming, gambling platforms wanted to attract more players to their slot games. As such, they placed the looser slot machines in their corridors so that more players could see and try them. And this led to the introduction of another misconception in the casino gambling world.

While it’s true that the payouts vary from one slot machine to another, it’s impossible to know which slots pay more often over the long haul. Also, you need to factor in other things such as betting limits, payout frequency and volatility. For example, progressive slots can offer significant wins to their players, but the chances of you grabbing that huge prize reward are quite slim.

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